Maria’s Lament

Maria she speaks of the rainbow
And the ship of Ulysses
Her triumph is her denial
Since she began to breathe

And the poet dreams of a moment
A turning point in time
To lead comrades into the battle
To win the hearts and minds

The jester sings of longing
The peddler listens close
Nothing has been left for him
Just mischief and morose

But Maria will be gone for the summer
She’s eager for spring to end
The frightfulness of seeking love
While losing your closest friend

Still she’ll soldier on in the blooming
As she builds a strong facade
She moves just like the weather
But her silence feels like mud

The poet can’t stay quiet
For he knows what lies beneath
His respect for her is sturdy
But he has wisdom to bequeath

Does he bother with trivial matters
When the stakes are set so high
Wasting air on a young girl’s promise
The revolution it passes by

The jester he grows restless
I’m lost out here he moans
But the peddler taps his shoulder
Says you need not cry alone

Maria whispers to the window
Is there a heart for sale or rent
The night it takes no prisoners
The day is discontent

It’s a war of attrition
The poet assures the kid
You’ll find your answer girl
To all the problems that you hid

And all the while we wait for wonder
We wait for the first rainbow
To lift us from our slumber
And make our lives to grow



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