I logged in to this blog again for the first time in a couple of weeks to add a couple more posts. To my surprise, the stats column in my dashboard showed that the post ‘A Reply To Norton-Taylor’ had been reached 200 times. I’m unsure as to what exactly that means but 200 of anything has exceeded my expectations for this blog. The purpose of this was simply to store my articles in a sort of database. In a way it was just to make things easier for me to access them should anything happen to the files, as well as for readers who have missed out on getting them in print as I’m aware that some newspapers I have featured on do not keep a reliable online archive. Thus, some thanks is due to you 200 readers. I have not shared my blogs anywhere but my personal Facebook page so those views were mostly from other people sharing my work which is a fulfilling thought. I have not considered sharing my posts on all kinds of social media in order to expand readership because I do that through getting my work on print or on other sites such as the New Statesman – but if I manage to provoke the kind of reaction that the aforementioned piece got more regularly on this blog, I might begin to push this blog into something bigger.

In any case, thank you for your time and interest.




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