A Lost Song (Poem)

I’m thinking of you and the road you’re on

I wrote you a tune but I lost the song

If you’d allow me to piece it back again

It’s time for me to help us set the record straight

So many miles in the space between us

I miss the smile lighting up your face

Like shining stars waking up a darkened night

I hope it’s not a losing fight

The trust that lies within us is strong and true

But the fork in the road turns to something new

We still must grow as my feelings show

Yet I do not want to lose out on you

Your eyes of hazel brown melt my heart

In truth, we are not many years apart

You might look up to me, but I look on to you

How much more will it take for me to woo

If I recall, the song was a waltz

I wrote it on my phone and now it’s lost

Words of understanding, lines of romance

A bold bond of friendship but is it worth the chance?

To lose our friendship and maybe lose a love

Or just express my feelings through a God above

As long as our trust isn’t damaged then I’ll be fine

I had to get this off my chest for a little peace of mind

So you can make your decisions now I’m not afraid

I’m here for you regardless in whatever way

As a friend or a kind of brother, a companion or a lover

We won’t suffer any more


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