A Parting Sentiment Of Temporary Longing (Poem)

For a companion of great trust
To a love deep in the brain and heart
Brother in arms, a soulmate of the mind if you must

Spiting my strong appreciation I find myself
Brimming with elation to see yours
In good spirits and good health

Every conversation is a symphony
Even our shared silence is musical
Because when I’m for you, you’re for me

I do love a man, my co-creator
But you are my equal, a comrade in truth
You fill the whole that feels empty later

The dream companion is realized
Not physical nor sexual but seemingly transcendental
Perhaps not a daily fixture, one might summise

Despite this our encounters delight
If you were a mundanity i may not
But you are you and you are not

You are the one i’ll talk to in years to come
And it’ll be as if we never had parted
Because we never actually will, we’re under the same sun

It’s not lust but fulfilment my dear friend
It is unique, just like our qualities may complement
To wish you a loving and wholesome life to the very end



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