A Short Introduction

Friends, family, comrades

Thank you for stopping by. Your interaction is most appreciated.

My cousin (who writes a very fulfilling blog of which I’ll be sure to post about in the future) convinced me that one can have a provoking blog without it being egocentric. My political brother and companion, Fergus SG, did not seem to knock the idea – surely then this can’t be too bad of a project?

I have set up this space as a means of keeping as much of my writings and thoughts in one place, for my benefit and yours too. I am present in other political blogs (New Statesman, Gibraltar Politics, YGTV, etc.), of which I’ll likely recommend, but this will have a more personal touch. Please feel free to critique or engage in conversation about what I publish here.

I intend on posting already-published material here when I am permitted or able, as well as any other prose I have written. These tend to be in the form of lyric or poem.

In order to get through the awkward introduction stage, I’ll just do it for you.

I was born and raised in Gibraltar, a place I deeply love. I am studying Philosophy and Politics at the University of Manchester. I’m involved with politics in Gibraltar and in the UK and I’m currently working on the side for Oxfam as a campaigner/lobbyist. I have previously written for publications in my hometown and in the UK too and look to continue to do so. My musical interests are varied, as I hope you might discover.

I’ll save everything else for later. It would be a shame to run out of material on an introductory post, would it not?

Hasta la victoria



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markeliot.montegriffo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MEMontegriffo




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